Vitamin H 50ml

Karin Herzog

A thirst quencher for dry skin! 

Composed of rare and expensive vitamins this cream is wonderfully nourishing and leaves the skin with renewed elasticity, permeability and softness.  Vitamin H is also known as Biotin and a deficiency can lead to eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.  This formulation also contains carrot oil and Beta-carotene, which in conjunction with the Vitamin H and B complex protects the skin to help avoid premature ageing and free radical damage.  It is a great anti-ageing product and also evens out the skin’s natural colouring


Vitamin H is a very rare vitamin, and is currently exclusive to Karin Herzog products.

The main ingredients (Vitamin H, beta carotene, and B complex vitamins) enhance the effectiveness of each other.

This cream provides much needed essential ingredients that the skin can quickly use.

The inclusion of rosewood oil provides an uplifting exotic aroma and is said to bring love, well being and contentment.

It is the ideal companion to Vita-A-Kombi creams.

Recommended use

Can be applied in one of three ways;

Applied as a day and night cream alone

Applied under one of the Herzog Vita-A-Kombi products to give extra nourishment.

Applied over the Vita-A-Kombi products to help give dry skin more comfort and protect against environmental irritants.

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