Vita-A-Kombi with AHA 50ml

Karin Herzog

A polish and re-spray in one!  This product contains mild, yet highly effective fruit acids (1%) combined with the patented oxygen formula for fantastic results.

The mild fruit acids exfoliate the skin reducing impurities such as congestion, hyper pigmentation and mild scarring whilst the oxygen formula feeds and fortifies the skin from within. A winning and ever popular combination!


Exfoliates and oxygenates at the same time for excellent and speedy results

Extracts of mandarin, orange and blueberry linger on the skin leaving you looking and smelling fresh!

Perfectly buffered to match the skin’s pH – won’t leave the skin dry or red

Brightens and clarifies the skin with great anti-aging benefits

Recommended use

Same method of use as for Vita‑A‑Kombi 1 and 2.

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