Mature Skin Starter Kit

Karin Herzog

Free Additional Sweet Cream!


Professional Cleansing Cream (50ml), Vita Kombi 2% (50ml), Additional Sweet (Day/Night) Cream (50ml)

For anyone aged 30+ and new to the Karin Herzog range, this Kit offers the ideal combination of products to start with.


Professional Cleansing Cream to effectively suck up dirt, make-up and pollutants from the skin like a mini vacuum cleaner!  A wax like consistency that grabs on to dirt making it easy to remove with a damp wash cloth. A deep clean without stripping the skin of its natural oils so it will never feel tight or dry - just clean and very fresh!

Vita-A-Kombi 2% is one of most popular and essential products in the Karin Herzog range. The patented oxygen formula penetrates the skin deeply to deliver oxygen, water, glucose and vitamins deep into the cells where the skin is produced. As a result the skin comes through more healthily and more balanced, with fewer imperfections.  A truly multi-functional treatment cream.

Additional Sweet (Day/Night) Cream contains Vitamin A and E to revive and hydrate, wheat germ and avocado oils to feed and nourish the skin. This product helps to minimise fine lines and gives suppleness to dry skins. It is perfect to use in combination with the Vita-A-Kombi to help with hydration levels whilst the skin is normalising from within.

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