Hand and Nail Cream 50ml

Karin Herzog

So much more effective than normal hand creams, this product contains super powerful 2% oxygen together with multivitamins, lipids and essential fatty acids. It has so many benefits for the skin; it stimulates, hydrates, softens and conditions and also helps kill bacteria on the skin thanks to natural properties of oxygen.

For the nails, it gives a treat too - helping to accelerate nail growth, disinfect against infections, whiten the free nail and improve nail strength.

So many benefits from one product - this is a must-have for anyone who cares about the appearance of their hands and nails.


2% oxygen plus vitamins, lipids, and essential fatty acds

Hydrates, softens and feeds the skin

Treats common problems such as nail infections, discolouration, and dry skin

Recommended use

Apply as often as required to clean skin, paying particular attention to problem areas.

Category: body, hand, nail, oxygen

Type: Body Creams

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