Facial Oil 15ml

Karin Herzog

If you wish to accentuate the effect of Vita‑A‑Kombi cream even further or if you have dry skin or you are in a cold or air conditioned atmosphere, Vita‑A‑Kombi Facial Oil will be perfect for you.

It contains oils that are rich in minerals and natural vitamins (including A and E) and the gentleness of its refined oils makes an essential contribution to skin that lacks vitality or is tired or dry. A sensation of well‑being is experienced from the very first application. 


A light, non-comedogenic oil

Concentrated vitamins A and E to allow skin to heal and repair

Can be used under any Karin Herzog oxygen product; the vitamins penetrate deeply to feed and fortify

Can be rubbed into nail beds for strong, supple nails

Can be applied to the lips to plump, hydrate, heal and repair

Recommended use

Apply a few drops to the face and leave to penetrate for a few moments. Then apply Vita‑A-Kombi cream without massaging.

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