Eye Cream 15ml

Karin Herzog

Containing 0.5 % oxygen concentration, this cream is specifically designed for the delicate eye area where the skin is often the first to show the signs of ageing.  The formulation is hyper‑enriched in nourishing vitamins and is gentle enough to even use on upper lids.

With continuous use, the eye area becomes brighter looking with reduced dark circles and congestion. It also helps reduce the signs of ageing and provides much needed nourishment without being overwhelming or excessive.


Delivers a perfect amount of oxygen, water glucose and vitamins to delicate skin around the eyes

Helps to tone, firm, hydrate, detox, and brighten

Increases circulation to feed and nourish the skin

Reduces appearance of fine lines, and crows feet

Can be used on upper eye lid to reduce crepiness

Also a great pick-me-up for the lips, either alone or in conjunction with Vita-A-Kombi Facial Oil!

Recommended use

Morning and night, apply to the area all around the eyes and the eyelids, without massaging into the skin.  Avoid lashes and eyebrows.

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