Essentials Kit - Eye Cream & Vita A Kombi 2%

Karin Herzog


The best kept beauty secret! This hard working duo combine to make sure the entire face and neck are given all the vital nutrients they need to look and feel fresh, balanced and radiant.

The Vita-A-Kombis are the cornerstones of the Karin Herzog range.  Vita-A-Kombi 2% is gentle yet powerful and the ideal starting point for anyone over 30.These unique and patented products contain a combination of oxygen and vitamins which penetrate deeply into the cells to give back to the skin all it needs to function more healthily and regularly.  Over time, with ageing, pollutants and other stresses, our blood circulation becomes less efficient at delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The Karin Herzog oxygen products have been scientifically proven to penetrate the skin to deliver these vital nutrients again.

Designed to use morning and night, the Vita-A-Kombis are truly multi-functional. They can normalise the skin, promote healing and accelerate cell regeneration, balance even combination skins, minimise open pores, detoxify and kill bacteria, hydrate and diminish lines and wrinkles and desensitise even the most delicate of skins.

This product gives back to the skin all the additional ingredients necessary to obtain and maintain a healthy, glowing and balanced complexion. With daily use, the initial results of this cream will be an even toned complexion, closed pores and a generally more attractive complexion. But this is only the beginning: prolonged, regular use will give the face a radiant, youthful and healthy looking glow.


Features of Vita-A-Kombi

Supreme quality ingredients and patented formula

The perfect, deep delivery of oxygen, water, vitamins A, E and glucose.

Works at the cellular level to improve skin condition; not a superficial “moisturising cream”

Has no drying effect and is suitable for any skin type, even the most sensitive

Skin breathes naturally so Vita-A-Kombi is a great base for make-up

Recommended use 

Normal skin: Morning and night, apply to the face and neck without massaging into the skin. To familiarise yourself with this exclusive daily care product we suggest that you apply a few drops of Vita‑A‑Kombi Facial Oil before using Vita‑A‑Kombi Cream, otherwise the skin might absorb the cream too quickly causing slight tingling. The Facial Oil prevents this rapid absorption at the same time as it gives superb extra nutrition to the skin.  Allow to penetrate then apply Vita‑A Kombi Cream to the face and neck without massage.

Dry or combination skin: Morning and night, apply a few drops of Vita‑A‑Kombi Facial Oil first to re-establish suppleness and to add the precious extra ingredients which are needed by dry or less well balanced skin.  Allow to penetrate for a few moments, then apply Vita‑A‑Kombi Cream to the face and neck without massaging.  In time the skin will rebalance from within so the Vita‑A Kombi Facial Oil may become less necessary. If this occurs reduce the amount of oil or stop using before the Vita‑A‑Kombi Cream.

Oily : Morning and night, apply to the face and neck without massaging into the skin.

Cold climates or extra dry skin : Apply a few drops of Vita‑A‑Kombi Facial Oil to the face and neck in the morning. Allow to penetrate for a few moments. This oil will be absorbed very easily by the skin, which will become more radiant and better prepared to receive the Vita‑A‑Kombi which should be applied without massaging into the skin. At night, after Vita‑A‑Kombi Facial Oil and Vita‑A‑Kombi Cream, if additional comfort is required, add a little Additional Sweet Day/Night Cream which has an ultra‑soft texture. As soon as the effect is slightly too oily, this is a very good sign : you may then reduce or stop the Additional Day/Night Cream.

Eye Cream

Containing 0.5 % oxygen concentration, this cream is specifically designed for the delicate eye area where the skin is often the first to show the signs of ageing.  The formulation is hyper‑enriched in nourishing vitamins and is gentle enough to even use on upper lids.

With continuous use, the eye area becomes brighter looking with reduced dark circles and congestion. It also helps reduce the signs of ageing and provides much needed nourishment without being overwhelming or excessive.


Delivers a perfect amount of oxygen, water glucose and vitamins to delicate skin around the eyes

Helps to tone, firm, hydrate, detox, and brighten

Increases circulation to feed and nourish the skin

Reduces appearance of fine lines, and crows feet

Can be used on upper eye lid to reduce crepiness

Also a great pick-me-up for the lips, either alone or in conjunction with Vita-A-Kombi Facial Oil!

Recommended use

Morning and night, apply to the area all around the eyes and the eyelids, without massaging into the skin.  Avoid lashes and eyebrows.


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