Essential Mask 50ml

Karin Herzog

Some of our customers refer to this very popular mask as “a facelift in a tube!”

The Essential Mask is designed to produce a fresh, radiant complexion, and is an essential part of your home skin care routine. It helps to reduce a tired, taut appearance and ideally should be used 10 minutes prior to applying your make‑up. Perfect for a pick-me-up if you are going out in the evening - the results are fantastic!


Tightens facial contours, brightens the complexion and evens out skin tone

An intense delivery of oxygen (2%) and nutrients for rapid results

Light, non-setting formula with wonderful aroma mandarin, bilberry, and citrus

Great pick-up for dull lifeless skin

Recommended use

Once to three times a week, apply the mask to the face and neck after cleansing the skin. Relax and allow to penetrate for 10 minutes then rinse off in lukewarm water.

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