Choc O2 50ml - buy one get one FREE!

Karin Herzog

A truly unique (and patented) anti-ageing formula, just bursting with the natural goodness every skin recognises and needs.  A powerful combination of the Karin Herzog oxygen formula with the benefits of Swiss chocolate make this product a winner for all skin types.


Ingredients include 1% oxygen, Vitamins E, C and D, calcium, potassium, sesame and avocado oils and of course Swiss Chocolate.  It is the cocoa bean which gives his product its truly remarkable benefits; did you know that the cocoa bean contains more anti-oxidants than red wine and green tea combined? This is fantastic for the fight against ageing.  In addition, cocoa is a major supplier of magnesium which is vital in the production of progesterone in the body. As these hormone levels can fall at certain times of the month or through menopause, this product can have added benefits for those experiencing fluctuations in hormone levels as well.

1% oxygen combines with quality Swiss chocolate

Feeds the skin at cellular level but also provides surface nourishment

Anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties

Rapid results - great for those skins in need of TLC

Recommended use

Apply once or twice per day to a clean skin without massaging and allow to penetrate.  Can also be used alternately with Vita-A-Kombi or Vita-A-Kombi with Fruit Acids.

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