Anti-Ageing Kit - Save over $50!

Karin Herzog


Professional Cleansing Cream, Vita A Kombi 2%, Vitamin H & Free Tonic Lotion

This is the perfect collection of products for anyone who is serious about reducing the visible signs of ageing and also wants help their skin stay in tip top condition.


Professional Cleansing Cream to effectively suck up dirt, make-up and pollutants from the skin like a mini vacuum cleaner!  A wax like consistency that grabs on to dirt making it easy to remove with a damp wash cloth. A deep clean without stripping the skin of its natural oils so it will never feel tight or dry - just clean and very fresh!

Tonic Lotion is great preparation for the application of oxygen products. It normalises the surface of the skin and ensures all residue of make-up or cleanser are removed.

Vita-A-Kombi 2% is one of most popular and essential products in the Karin Herzog range. The patented oxygen formula penetrates the skin deeply to deliver oxygen, water, glucose and vitamins deep into the cells where the skin is produced. As a result the skin comes through more healthily and more balanced, with fewer imperfections.  A truly multi-functional treatment cream.

Vitamin H is the final stage in the anti-ageing regimen. This cream gives rich surface nourishment for those dry areas and leaves the skin feeling oh so soft and supple with a lingering, beautiful rose fragrance.

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