Press Cuttings

Our customers love to read about our product line. Due to the fact that so many celebrities use it and the result oriented products really do work, we have been featured in Town and Country magazine, Vogue, New Woman, Self, Elle, Allure, Dateline, Marie Claire, Woman's World, Day Spa Magazine, InStyle, Harpers Bazaar, McCalls magazine, Redbook, Essence, Fit Pregnancy, Travel Holiday, Cosmopolitan, Mode, GQ Magazine, "W", Self, Jane and MoreMagazine. We were named by the London Times as "The Best Facial in the World" and InStyle Magazine named our Mild Scrub "the best" second year in a row and New York Times Magazine loves our Eye Cream.

Karin Herzog products have captured the attention of beauty editors around the world, as well as numerous celebrities, including;

Kim Basinger, Demi Moore, Uma Thurman, Sheryl Crowe, Linda Evangelista, Kylie Minogue, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Couteney Cox-Arquett, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, David Duchovney, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Barbra Striesand, Carol Vorderman, Mel C, Jennifer Lopez, Boy George, Kate Capshaw.

Most recently, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge explained that she uses the products to keep her skin glowing.

"The Best Facials In The World"......."Marvellous"
The Times Style Magazine

"The cult skin-care of a host of Hollywood notable beauties."
Elle Magazine.

"Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi - delivers oxygen to the face. City folk clamour for it."
Vogue Magazine.

"Fans of Vita-A-Kombi, with vitamins A and E, claim it fights acne, slows ageing, and moisturises like nothing else."
Vogue USA.

"As skin ages it becomes less efficient at transporting essential oxygen to its cells. If it can be worked back in with facials and skin creams, we should regain the flawless flush of youth."
Elle Magazine.

"Fans of Karin Herzog's oxygen products include Demi Moore, Uma Thurman, Kim Basinger."
Elle Magazine.

"Formulated by Nobel Institute Epidemiologist Paul Herzog. Its claim to fame is that it encapsulates oxygen, which speeds up the metabolism of cells, whilst killing the bacteria that causes acne."
Weekend Magazine, Sunday Times.

"Vita-A-Kombi actually delivers oxygen to the skin, rather than just attracts it."
European Cosmetic Marketplace Magazine.

"Favourite Skin Care Product - New Skin Care: Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 1, 2 & 3, are hi-tech moisturisers formulated in Switzerland, combining oxygen with vitamins A & E to purify and desensitise."
John Gustafson

"The use of skin care products that encourage cell regeneration can work to alter our pre-destined ageing paths - The Karin Herzog skin-care range is based on the work of Nobel Institute Honoured Scientist Dr. Paul Herzog." Marie Claire Health & Beauty

"The legendary Vita-A-Kombi combats the de-oxygenation that occurs with ageing. ... Herzog's cream has achieved cult status in the US, and boasts a repurchase rate of 98 per cent, with most regular users claiming they no longer need a foundation" 
Marie Claire Magazine.

"Part of the process of skin ageing can be attributed to a decrease in oxygenation due to a slowing down of the circulation at capillary level, which, in turn, slows cell regeneration. These creams contain stabilised oxygen molecules to boost the micro-circulation and improve tone!"   Cosmopolitan

"I have sensitive, greasy skin, but this amazing moisturiser evens out my skin texture"

Alice Evans, Actress - Interview in 'You' Magazine.

"You feel as though you have just completed a ski run, skin tingling, cheeks bright and complexion renewed"
The Times

"Vita-A-Kombi products efficiently lock oxygen tightly into the cream, so that it does not escape ... For your skin, this means the destruction of the bacteria which causes acne, an increased collagen production and a far more radiant complexion"

"Karin Herzog is a hot new name in skincare, becoming famous for 'oxygen' creams designed to boost skin. The high-tech products from Switzerland (used by celebrities including Kate Capshaw and Demi Moore) are already invading the UK, and now it's here too"
'You' Magazine