Frequently Asked Questions

Q; Which products should I choose?

A; As a basic starting point, we recommend everyone starts with either the Vita-A-Kombi 1% (if over 30) or the Oxygen Face Cream (if under 30.) These two products both contain the patented oxygen formula which will penetrate deeply into the cells to help rebalance and deliver all the nutrients your skin needs to be produced healthily. If you have particular skincare goals you might like to look at our Kits and Gift Sets which are designed to treat specific concerns. We have fully qualified Beauty Therapists in our office who are happy to give a detailed, individualised recommendation just for you - please email us at with some details about your age, skin type and concerns and we will quickly reply.

Q; What is the delivery charge?

A; Delivery is free of charge worldwide.

Q: How quickly will my order be processed?

A; Orders are usually processed and dispatched within 3 working days. Delivery time varies depending on location but for most people orders should arrive within 7 days, and for some as soon as overnight!

Q; I have sensitive skin - are the products suitable for me?

A; Absolutely. The Karin Herzog range contains only the highest quality ingredients and due to the natural anti-bacterial properties of oxygen, many don't even have preservatives. We find that even customers with extremely sensitive skin are delighted with the range and the benefits the products can bring.

Q; Why do some of the instructions advise against massaging the products into the skin?

A; You have many pores on your fingers and hands and by massaging, some of the benefit will go into your fingertips rather than be concentrated on the areas where the cream is being applied. Due to the amazing delivery system provided by the oxygen (see Theory section of this website) the cream only has to be applied quickly and lightly, and then left on the skin to completely penetrate.

Q; Any other questions?

A; We are always happy to help with any questions you may have - please email us at and we'll get back to you right away.  If you'd like some personalised recommendations of which products to choose from our qualified beauty therapist, please include information about your age, skin type and an idea of what results you'd like to achieve with your skin care. We look forward to hearing from you!