Sensitive Skin Kit

Karin Herzog

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Cleansing Milk (200ml), Vita-A-Kombi 2% (50ml), Tonic Lotion (200ml), Facial Oil (15ml)

Karin Herzog products are perfect for sensitive skins as the ingredients are of a very high quality and due to the anti-bacterial properties of oxygen, many don't even contain preservatives.  Reactions to these products are very rare indeed so you can use them with complete confidence.


Cleansing Milk to thoroughly yet gently clean the skin. This product contains no harsh chemicals which can strip the skin of natural oils and worsen the problem. This Cleansing Milk respects the natural pH balance and the skin won't feel tight or dry after use - just clean and fresh!

Vita-A-Kombi 2% is one of most popular and essential products in the Karin Herzog range. The patented oxygen formula penetrates the skin deeply to deliver oxygen, water, glucose and vitamins deep into the cells where the skin is produced. As a result the skin comes through more healthily and more balanced, with fewer imperfections.  A truly multi-functional treatment cream.

Tonic Lotion is great preparation for the application of oxygen products. It normalises the surface of the skin and ensures all residue of make-up or cleanser are removed.

Facial Oil is a very light and non-comedogenic formula that gives concentrated Vitamins A and E to encourage the healing and repairing processes of the skin. This oil will not leave your skin looking greasy but will offer nourishment and softness in any dry areas or when skin needs a little extra TLC. It can also be used on the lips to plump and hydrate as well as the nail bed for strong, supple nails!

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