Professional Cleansing Cream 50ml

Karin Herzog

Pure and gentle, with no preservatives, this best selling cleanser is one of our most popular products.  Loved by all who try - it really is in a class of its own.

A cleansing cream and make‑up remover in one, the extraordinary Professional Cleansing Cream works on your skin like a mini‑vacuum cleaner. The mixture of impurities and oil, which clogs the surface of the pores and can persist even after washing, is quite simply sucked away by this cream. As a result, the remarkable cleansing power of the cream leaves skin purified and improves the even tone of the complexion after the very first use.


Creates a vacuum effect to help suck out dirt, sebum and grime from the pores when removed with a washcloth

It frees the skin of impurities and gently dissolves even waterproof make‑up.

So gentle it does not affect the skin's pH balance – skin is never tight or dry

A waxy consistency allows a little product to go a long way

Suitable for all skin types

Beautiful product to use containing essential oils of Rose, Geranium, Gardenia and Sesame Oil.

Recommended use

Squeeze a small amount of cream onto your fingertips (around the size of a pea is enough!) and warm it between your fingers for a few seconds before applying to the whole of the face and neck, as well as the skin around the eyes if you are wearing make‑up.

Leave for a few seconds, then massage gently with circular movements. Remove thoroughly with a wash cloth and warm water so that no trace of cream is left for a superb, deep clean. For a tingling fresh finish – use a final rinse of cooler water to help tighten the pores.

Type: Cleansers

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